525 M.D.
Sometimes, things just need to be said. My job is to say them. Most of what I say is for the medical field but Google is helping the masses obtain medical knowledge. Patients are suffering after {04-2016}  when
new guidelines advised a maximum of 90 MG of morphine for chronic non cancer pain in the wake of opioid overdoses[, AMA, American Pain Society]. This leaves genuine patients at risk of under treatment of chronic pain. Please read my blog/formula [23-03-17] that offers HCP an unbiased equation for calculating an opioid dose for an individual. On a lighter note I offer a blog on the Proctoaero/Proctoaerio, medically and anatomically correct terms to replace flatus/flatulence based on greek roots.

Hopefully 525MD gets you thinking and laughing.
Sincerely Dr. Mikoslav Del Norte